Top historical places in Ensenada

Ensenada is a port city in Baja California and has its share of stories from the past. There are several notable historical places in Ensenada that are worth your time. When you visit here, you will be hit by the different nuances it holds in a perfect blend of the past and present. We have a list of 7 of the most popular historical places in Ensenada, read below to know more about these Ensenada attractions.

historical places in Ensenada - El Mirador

El Mirador. Photo by Dennis Jarvis | Some Rights Reserved

First Street

First Street is the ultimate local shopping hub for locals and visitors alike and has been in Ensenada for a very long time. Being a popular tourist attraction, it is swamped with vendors and small curio shops trying to tempt you into buying almost everything you set your eyes on! Take a stroll along the road to explore the variety of shopping you can do for all your friends, relatives or colleagues, or just have a nice time window shopping. The place is sure to keep you on your toes for the entire day if you allow it. It would be a good idea to keep your wallets and jewelry safe since you will be walking in a very crowded place; Prepare to be mobbed by vendors and guides. The place is constantly bustling with life, so you will not have a problem getting transportations to take you to First Street and back to your hotels. Alternatively, you can also hire bikes to explore the place yourself rather than walking.

Rivera Del Pacifico

Rivera Del Pacifico is one of the most renowned hotels and historical places in Ensenada. The hotel wasn’t always called Rivera del Pacifico. At the time of its establishment in 1930, it was named Playa Ensenada, which was comparatively a simpler version of what it represents today. The lavish Spanish-style casino has since that time grown and expanded a whole lot. It is also considered to be one of the most successful establishments that run in Ensenada till date. The place is also a constant haunt for history lovers and art enthusiasts. All thanks to the famous museum- Museo de Historia de Ensenada, the hotel is always full of passing visitors who come to admire the works displayed there. One can also attend screenings and exhibitions at Casa de Cultura that are held here regularly from time to time. They also have beautiful gardens you can lounge in, the entry to which is free.

Avenida Ruiz

If you are looking to indulge in a nice retail therapy, you might like it very much here! The Avenida Ruiz is home to a huge collection of shops, eateries, fine dining restaurants and lots of stores selling items from apparels, shoes, accessories and everything a person could want! It is a long-stretched street with shops on both the sides. The street 1st and 2nd are the best places to get good deals in leathers, blankets etc. Make sure you bargain well with the shopkeepers, and you will land yourself a good buy. Visit during the day to make the best out of your trip in Ensenada.

Catavina Rock Paintings

Go 10,000 years back in time! The Catavina Rock Paintings are a sight to behold; the work of art by our ancestors is sure to leave you awestruck. You should visit this place during the daytime, do remember to carry water, some snacks and sunscreen. You can easily get a radio cab to take you there. The Catavina Rock Paintings are located right off the Federal Highway 1 which is accessible for an archaeological site. You can plan a nice day out with your kids and plan it in a way that integrates a fun picnic. The Catavina Rock Paintings is another well known historical places in Ensenada that sees a lot of tourists every day.

El Jardin De Tara

El Jardin De Tara is piece preserved from the rich history of Ensenada and is a gem of a destination for visitors who have interests inclined towards historical & cultural artifacts and relics. While it may not look like much at the first glance, but there are a lot of stories hidden behind its jarred exteriors. Go and take a look at this beautiful gift given to the Mexicans by Nepal, their friend from the East and appreciate its rustic beauty. Carry a camera to capture what you love, we assure you that you will remember this place the best from the entire list.

El Mirador

The El Mirador is every tourist’s escape from Ensenada’s noisy and perpetually busy streets. It gives you a quiet and serene view of the whole city and will make you reach for your camera to capture Instagram worthy pictures. The view after dark is romantic at its best when the entire city lights up and gives you a lovely view. You can come here and take a moment to just look at the breath-taking scene when you are tired of sightseeing and shopping. Carry a few cool drinks and a portable mini speaker to set the perfect mood.

Civic Plaza or Three-Headed Park

The Civic Plaza is an open public space where the heads of three prominent personalities of Ensenada have been carved and installed for the people to admire. The carvings for their huge size are a work of art because of the details captured in them. The three people who were given this honor were Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, and Venustiano Carranza. The three gentlemen were one of the most respected people in all of Ensenada and even Mexico because of the history that’s attached to their names. They were best known for helping shape the region of Ensenada. Any tourist who is interested in the history of Baja California must stop by the Three-Headed Park to see the tribute towards these immortalized personalities.

These were the historical places in Ensenada city. We hope you visit them and enjoy the places as much as we did.

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